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Big Church – Small Church

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Recently I preached about the New Testament churches all being large and growing. And the Scriptures certainly testify to that. This was in the context of the importance of small groups for relationships within a bigger church, and we also see that in the Scriptures in Acts as the Christians met in homes, as well as at the temple.

But, sometimes the question comes up “what about smaller churches”?

I think the most important thing about a church is NOT its SIZE at the moment, but its ATTITUDE!

Do we have an attitude of wanting to grow? Do we have an attitude of as long as there is one more lost person in our community we will endeavor to reach them, or do we have an attitude of “I like our church this size. I don’t want it to get bigger.” Or “I don’t really want to work harder to reach lost people. I’m comfortable just like this. I have my friends.” That’s where the wrong comes in. Sometimes a guest in a church like that gets the evil eye for sitting in some member’s seat. That’s really sad.

But, if you have the RIGHT ATTITUDE and are SEEKING TO REACH PEOPLE, then the actual size your church is currently, or what it  will become, you leave in the hands of God! But history has proven that churches with the right attitude, and those that are willing to learn and work at reaching people who need Jesus, DO GROW! It’s that simple really.