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Who Needs “Church” Anyway?

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Who needs “church” anyway? Answer: You do! I do! Why is that? Because “church” is the only thing Jesus is building! Hear the words of Jesus in Mt. 16.18 “I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” The gates of hell will prevail against anything less than the church! Jesus also said in Mt. 24.37 “As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” Noah was building something too. The Ark. It took work. It took time. But it saved him and his family! In our day Jesus is building His church, and it will save you in these days! It will keep you fresh and on fire and strengthened in the faith! (I’m assuming a healthy church here – there are dead ones.) “No man’s an island” and we need each other. But it does take work! It does take time! Building is not easy, we must work together in the church, and we are co-laborers with Him! (1 Cor. 3.9)

The church is not some consumer choice you make like McDonald’s or Burger King, or just stay home. It’s also not a show or entertainment to attend. Something we take or leave. The church is a family, God’s people, where relationships are built and people are cared for and encouraged. That takes work! That takes time! But it all pays off and adds up to being saved from the ravages of a world system out of control.

I suggest you get in the Ark! That you run into the safety of a healthy church! The storms are coming and you could easily drown in waves way over your head! As Americans we can all be very independent, selfish and distracted. But that won’t cut it. We need each other. We need the church. We need God’s family. We need the ark, the lifeboat of God in these days! Jesus is your life preserver, but the church is the lifeboat! You must have both or you will drown. Jesus’ blood gives you forgiveness, but only the church helps you to stick with it and make it safely home! Not only that, but you can bring others drowning into the boat too! You throw them a life preserver, but then you get them into the boat! It’s a big boat with plenty of room!

So who needs “church” anyway? We all do! Live in independence at your own peril!